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The Midnight Oil


One of our darker roasts with a kick. It blends sweet chocolate and forest fruits. Refined and handsome.

Baker’s Chocolate, Molasses and Mulling Spices



Another rich blend, but more on the cocoa side of the flavour wheel and roasted a touch darker than our usual Northern Italian style roast. Bold but smooth; strong but not bitter.

Our aim for this blend is to deliver a rich body with prominent chocolate flavours in the cup.  Sweet, yes, but with a solid trunk which carries through in the cup.

This blend has been a big favourite among the long-term regulars with their home espresso machines and always delivers good complexity of nuts, earthy notes and a touch of fruits.

This coffee is taken slightly darker than our typical espresso roast and exemplifies a dark Northern Italian roast style which is easy to appreciate in milky beverages.


  • Region
    Colombia, Tanzania, Central America
  • Varietal
    Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Kent
  • Processing
  • Tasting Notes
    Baker’s Chocolate, Molasses, Mulling Spices