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Single Origin

Kenya Rungeto Karimikui AA


This is one super juicy coffee, as you’d expect from a fresh Kenyan micro-lot.

Fig, Tangerine and Signature Citrus Notes

Roasting Schedule: Our Single Origin coffee is roasted on Monday and Tuesday.


About this Single Origin Coffee

Always a highlight when we cup with our partners in Kenya each year, and one we are always keeping an eye out for on those tables in Nairobi.

Campos Coffee has been buying from the Rungeto Farmer’s Cooperative Society since 2015, and this will be our third year in a row buying from their Karimikui factory.


  • Origin
  • Variety
    SL28, SL34
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Region
  • Tasting Notes
    Fresh Fig, Tangerine, Super Juicy