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Single Origin

Burundi Kirema COE #14


Big, bold and velvety, this Cup of Excellence finalist lot boasts a signature Burundian profile perfect for every form of brewing.

Honey, Dried Dates, Smooth & Syrupy

Roasting Schedule: Our Single Origin coffee is roasted on Monday and Tuesday.


About this Single Origin Coffee

Coffee occupies an enormous position in Burundi accounting for 80% of exports and provides the livelihood for more than half the population.

Farmers traditionally produce their coffee on micro lots of less than 250 trees per farm before being processed at wet mills such as Kirema.

This winning lot summarises the work of 560 farmers and is a classic high-quality style from the Ngozi region.


  • Origin
  • District
    Ngozi, Busiga
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Altitude
    1950 masl
  • Tasting Notes
    Honey, Dried Dates, Smooth & Syrupy